• Scented Nectar

    I think it all started in June 29th, 2010. At a post called "The Woman Problem ". I was horrified to see what looked liked the radfem claims of feeling excluded at this science/atheism blog called Pharyngula I had started following addictively. Little did I know just how infested with modern day radfeminism it was over there. PZ had listened to crazy Skeptifem and then made references to Skepchicks, Greta, and Ophelia. Also Skepchicon conferences, like a women's caucus or something all separatey. He then asked for suggestions on how to get more token women participating at events. Men were asked to take a back seat, and this was the first of his "shut up and listen to the women" posts that I'd seen him write.

    My chromosomes, being of the XX…

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