Confirmation bias has long been the only proof of veracity required by FFTB. If it's what they want to hear, it absolutely is truth. Cue PZ Myers -

Amina A. is a gay woman living in Syria — and she and her father faced down a pair of thugs who threatened to rape the lesbian out of her. These were the local 'security services' who try to enforce a religious propriety on every one; just living in the day-to-day situation there has to be an example of great courage.

Trouble is, Amina A. was a fraud -

Syrian lesbian blogger is revealed conclusively to be a married man
The mysterious identity of a young Arab lesbian blogger who was apparently kidnapped last week in Syria has been revealed conclusively to be a hoax. The blogs were written not by a gay girl in Damascus, but a middle-aged American man based in Scotland.

An alleged "scientist" and "freethinker". Won't even do the rudimentary checks if it confirms and promotes his personal agenda. In an ever shrinking world, Myers is taken to task on ScienceBlogs, and as usual, admits no error -

He has not corrected the original post where he perpetuated those same lies, even though the first comment on that post notes that Amina's story was already considered fishy [...]
If that's what PZ thinks it takes to tarnish a reputation, I'd hate to think what he'd say about someone who repeatedly promotes fake stories (two in 8 days!) and doesn't take responsibility for it.

Myers is exposed as a sham and fraud from every perspective. Not one retraction or correction is to be found.