Misscasanova/Natalie Casanova's original image


In April 2011 a user on Reddit, Misscasanova, posted a drawn representation of Richard Dawkins, claiming it as her creation.

At a subsequent date, began selling a button with the same image, with few modifications eg cropped into a circle, and colour added surrounding the image of Dawkins.

Misscasanova/Natalie Casanova claimed theft of her image. She corresponded with Amy Roth and requested that Skepchick stop selling her product, and was promised that the money made would be donated to the charity of her choice. Skepchick claims to have made only $15 from the buttons, and has yet to make any such donation.

Product is no longer sold by or


Original image

Natalie Casanova claiming theft of her image

Misscasanova/Natalie Casanova's original image


Photos of the actual product

Reference to product on

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