Refutation by drinking game is the belief shared by many of the SJW inclined Gnu Atheists that an argument can be refuted by turning it into a drinking game. This is quite often seen on RationalWiki:

This article is highly biased and unprofessional. It's more a rant then an objectieve observation with pros and cons. So it is far from "rational". My advise: start over again with a different writer. Guess the work RNS has to undo so many comments, I'm not the only one. Wishing you pleasure with this UNrational WIKI.
Hooray for ad hominem attacks! Drink! Conservative Punk (talk)
"But I thought this was supposed to be RATIONALWiki!" Drink! rpeh •TCE 13:27, 17 August 2012 (UTC)
- source

This form of "argument" can also be commonly seen as a refutation by anticipation, whereby anticipating an opponents critisism is somehow supposed to constitute a refutation. Usually seen in the form of: "and, of course, my opponents will say x...", with no attempt at an actual refutation of x.

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