On 2012-07-20 forums poster and admin "Pappa" posted a thread to the Rationalia sub-forum "The Wilder Web". In which he jokingly asked whether or not it would be "immoral to rape a skepchick?". The post came to the attention of PZ Myers, who posted a short, low-effort article titled Rationalia Isn't in which he castigated "Pappa" for using black humour on his own forum.


PZ intervenes

The response generated by the PZ's post was enormous with over 1500 comments posted to date. A serious crime was judged to have been committed by some while other commenters simply used the piece as a springboard to show off their usual skills in rhetorical sarcasm. Still others ironically speculated on the mental health of the person responsible for the joke.

As successfully predicted by Myer's Law, it is now common in the comment sections of FTB to refer to the RRJ as "a rape threat on another forum".

Although the forum post was meant in jest, Pappa did later sincerely apologise for any unintended offence caused by the thread.



Rationalia? More like rape-enabler.

The RRJ has been used on FTB since as an example of the gross misogyny that exists within the american atheist movement (Pappa is welsh, incidentally). It has been used as an example supporting Greta Christina's 'campaign of hate' narrative detailed within her article "Atheism Plus and Some Thoughts On Divisiveness ".

It has also been used as an example of the hatred that Rebecca Watson has to endure on skepchick's "Page O' Hate ". Committed users can buy a limited edition Page O' Hate themed t-shirt, no seriously .

So far statistics have not indicated a rapid rise in actual rapes coninciding with Pappa's joke thread on Rationalia.


An example of what is not acceptable.