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  • what happened to alice green's archive?

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    • It got over-run with spam advertisements. It got to the point where the forum was unusable and the automated spambots were creating many new threads filled with ads daily. I had intended to leave the forum up for archive purposes forever in memory of Alice, but ended up taking it down a little over a year ago. I tried getting in touch with Sheling (who Alice bequeathed The Sneer to) to see if she might want to try fixing the spam problem, but never heard back - she may have a different email these days. Also, I moved the URL to a different host at around the same time, so the forum never got backed up or re-installed at the new location. Who do I know you as? I'm assuming that you used to read or post to The Sneer. Email if you like at, since this wiki wall is public.

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