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Derision for freefromthoughtblogs/skepchick Jacobian version of "social justice" has reached such shrieking, hysterical excess that criticism is no longer confined to within the community. This page is a collation of links to external criticism, satire and contempt.

Science 2.0Edit

Science 2.0 calls out FfTB very early in the piece. On the initial move from ScienceBlogs -

Freethoughtblogs - PZ Myers And Ed Brayton Finally Leaving
The scienceblogs “science blogs” gotten somewhat better over the years with some silly blockheads leaving, but one of the worst, PZ Meyers, known for tiny little snippets of vitriol of pseudo-progressive populism that panders to the stupid “skeptics” crowd (the self-righteous feel superior about bashing morons with silly non-arguments type), seemed to never want to go away, giving science blogging a very bad reputation.
Free Thought Blogs Closet Sexism Trips Feminista Greg Laden
Since PZ Meyers was involved from the start, “Free Thought Blogs” was certain to resemble other places that define themselves via “freedom”, like the land of mass incarceration self-identifying as “the free world”. “Free speech” let the term “imperialism” effectively disappear. “Exceptionalism” is the euphemism that may be employed academically; it refers to the ‘special equality’ reserved for the one that brings freedom to the sorry rest of the world. Run fast whenever something self-identifies negatively via the absence of something else loosely defined. These are war machines; war itself has become the basis on which they survive; they usually decay due to internal strife.

ABC News24 (Australia)Edit

Bettina Arndt takes exception to Swingergate -

Don't let the prudes deprive us of the spice of sexual banter

Trifecta! Ozzies Laugh at 'Skepchicks' "what sort of skeptics were they?"

Trifecta! Ozzies Laugh at 'Skepchicks' "what sort of skeptics were they?"